Cold porcelain is versatile clay which is mainly composed of cornstarch and glue. It is a very easy and handmade material which is non toxic, easy to work and it does not require heating because it gets solid by exposition to fresh air.
Cold porcelain is generally used for new baby celebrations (baby showers), birthdays, graduations, baptism, 1st Communion, flowers, favors, door charms and other themes.
As it is very easy to work on it and the finished is very fine and many artists use it to create natural and good looking flowers, make beautiful arrangements, build figures, sculptures, cakes decoration, party favors for all occasions.
Peruvian art is also demonstrated in this material its food friendly paste has gained popularity due to its hardness when compared to other products.

Cold porcelain keeps well as its colors and sturdiness keep never fade or deteriorate. Peruvian cold porcelain favors are delicately handcrafted and what is most important they are made with care and detail according to yourspecification which make them unique to the whoe world. Each item is high quality and you can choose colors, design and accessories to suit you.

Enjoy looking at these Peruvian creations you will not find anything comparable to these.


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