There are many ways for building crafts for children. Some of them are high quality and intricately styled whilst others you can do on your own. Brilliant colors, size and tropical imagination all come into play.

With these three requirements your child will be enchanted and enjoy all the time.
Some crafts projects use materials found around the house for example, eggs, cartons, boxes, string, papers, glue, crayons, paint and more.
Some others are better designed with macaroni, oatmeal box, pebble and rock, toilet paper and twig crafts. Many of them are specially done for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school children.
Topics are really wide and you can choose topics on, for example, animals, Christmas Day, day of the Dead, Dolls, Easter, Fall, Flowers, Fruits, Grandparents Day, Labor Day, Music, Valentine’s Day, Summer, Lima’s anniversary and the list continues.

As you can learn how to make these precious children's gifts you can also adapt this techniques and ideas to make other crafts more directly related to your home.

Some Peruvian Crafts appear to be very complex and difficult to make, but many are easier todo once you have learnt the techniques.


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