Art is a synonym of craft. When you think of art then you think of craft the same as if you think of specialized craft you are thinking of Peruvian handicraft. It is also known as craftwork or simply craft, this is a work where decorative creation is made by hand or using simple tools.

The artisanship in these items usually have generally cultural, customary or religion significance. Those items made by machines are not handicrafts.
There is a special kind of craft which is called rural crafts; all of them reflect traditional and everyday practical use in an agricultural countryside. Most of these kinds of crafts are not generally recognized and not produced for sale in other places.

However, Peruvian handicraft is well recognized because of these kind of crafts due to Peru has been, in the ancient times, an agricultural country and it was the source of economy and the way of thinking of natural people have been around based upon this.

Handicrafts are classified in many ways: assemblage which is some kind of collage in three dimensions, beadwork from which you can make any kind of necklaces, crochet, knitting, metalwork, woodworking, mosaic, pottery and ceramics, puppetry, between others.



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