When you are flying over the Nazca Lines, this is oneof the scenes you would see. But why were the Nazca Lines build? What was their purspose? It's a mystery. Nobody knows the answer. There are lots of theories, though.

Nazca Lines

Theory 1

Dr. Paul Kosok a North American Scientist, was the first person to rediscover the Nazca ines. On June 21 1939, he was flying over he plain when he saw the outline of a bifd cut out of the desert. Kosok thought the Nazca Lines were the biggest astronomy book in the world.

Theory 2

Maria Reiche dedicated her life to studying the Nazca Lines. She thought they represented an enormous astronomical calendar and that they recorded both celestial events and things of everyday importance, like the harvest, fishing and festivals.

Theory 3

The International Explorers' Society said that ancient Peruvians could fly and that is why the lines are best seen from the air. "There are pictures on ancient pieces of pottery showing what looks like hot air balloons and there are local legends of flying men," they said. In 1975, the society made a hot air balloon of cloth and reed to prove their theory. They said they would fly for 15 minutes over the lines, but the balloon crashed in 60 seconds.

Theory 4

Erich Von Daniken wrote a book called Chariots of the Gods. In his book he suggested the theory that the lines were an extraterrestral landing strip.

Theory 5

In 1980 George A. Von Braunig claimed that the lines were part of a giant running track- and ancient Peruvian version of the Olympic Games.


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